Tuesday, 24 April 2012

FACES: At The Arches (Glasgow)

Gary Lewis (of Billy Elliot and Gangs of New York fame) performing at The Arches
(photo: Dasha Miller)
Another shot from The Arches, taken by a member of the audience.

ROUNDUP: Around the World with WRRR

It's been a busy few months for White Rabbit, Red Rabbit with shows around the world. Congratulations to our friends at Imploding Fictions (Oslo), The Arches (Glasgow) for some amazing performances.

If you're a world traveller, you'll be able to see White Rabbit, Red Rabbit in the following cities:

PAZZ 2012 - on now in German and English! (Oldenburg)
The Undergraduate Theatre Society (Washington)
Magnetic North (Calgary)
The Cultch (Vancouver)
Festival Internacional de Teatro (Brasil)

VOICES: Twitter Audiences at The Arches (Glasgow)

Audiences at The Arches have been talking up the show. Here are a few snapshots. Follow the conversation yourself with the hashtag #behaveyourself.

VOICES: Post-Show Thoughts from Germany

For our German friends, a review and some photos from White Rabbit, Red Rabbit have been posted on the Junge B├╝hne Festival blog. Take a look!

(For the Anglo readers, we recommend Google translator :) )

VOICES: Thoughts from Facebook (Glasgow)

FACES: Rabbits in Berlin

Here are a couple of snapshots from a recent performance in Berlin:

Friday, 20 April 2012

Now Playing in Glasgow

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit is onstage at The Arches in Glasgow. Performers include Adura Onashile (Roadkill), Kate Dickie (Red Road, Game of Thrones, new Alien move Prometheus), and Gary Lewis (Billy Elliot, Gangs of New York, NEDS, My Name is Joe).

Check out The Arches for more show details.

Here's some of what the audiences are saying on Twitter: