Friday 7 June 2013

Signing Off

It has been incredible sharing these notes and pictures with the White Rabbit, Red Rabbit community. We're retiring the blog, but Nassim is still checking his inbox for messages from audience members around the world, so please get in touch!

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Monday 10 December 2012

FACES: WRRR at Gate Theatre (London, England)

Flickr photographer Aref Adib shared some great shots of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit in London. Recognize that actor? It's Doctor Who's Arthur Darvill!

Take a look at the full gallery here.

VOICES: Notes from a Notetaker at Mercury Theatre (Colchester, England)

Matthew Linley shared his notes from a performance of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit on his blog: 

Post script (scribbled in the foyer)
I resist the urge to drink on the way out and in so doing answer at least one question. I do as I'm told. I leave gobsmacked.

Read the full text here.

REVIEW: WRRR at Mercury Theatre (Colchester, England)

Reviewed by Michael Grey for The Public Reviews. Read the full review here.

"'I wrote something, and I hope you laughed!' Nassim/Tomos [the actor] comments. We did, and we felt a frisson, a tangible rapport with the writer back in Tehran. Isolated from his public, Nassim uses his fertile imagination as a political tool. The rabbits of the title are part of a fable, an allegory about his uncle and rabbits who, like Pavlov's dogs, learn behaviours which persist even when the stimulus is removed. This is a grim, black Aesop, where bears harrass rabbits and crows with walkie-talkies are hidden in the rafters. And after thirty seconds of fun our thoughts are directed toward suicide."

REVIEW: WRRR at Dublin Fringe (Ireland)

Posted on The Flaneur. Read the full review here.

"Soleimanpour bravely rebels in the only way he can, through his words. It is an imaginative endeavour bringing the audience to him as he cannot come to us. He takes us out of our world for a mere hour and asks us to ponder what his life is like so many miles away."

Wednesday 24 October 2012

FACE: White Rabbit, Red Rabbit in Edinburgh

Actor Alexander Kelly performs White Rabbit, Red Rabbit at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe:

FACES: White Rabbit, Red Rabbit in Italy

Actor Marina Confalone performs White Rabbit, Red Rabbit in Viterno, Italy as part of Festival Quartieri dell'Arte: