Monday, 10 December 2012

REVIEW: WRRR at Mercury Theatre (Colchester, England)

Reviewed by Michael Grey for The Public Reviews. Read the full review here.

"'I wrote something, and I hope you laughed!' Nassim/Tomos [the actor] comments. We did, and we felt a frisson, a tangible rapport with the writer back in Tehran. Isolated from his public, Nassim uses his fertile imagination as a political tool. The rabbits of the title are part of a fable, an allegory about his uncle and rabbits who, like Pavlov's dogs, learn behaviours which persist even when the stimulus is removed. This is a grim, black Aesop, where bears harrass rabbits and crows with walkie-talkies are hidden in the rafters. And after thirty seconds of fun our thoughts are directed toward suicide."

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