Friday, 13 July 2012

VOICES & FACES: Mary Hill (London)

While the script has the actor repeating how to spell "Nassim" the sn is sometimes unclear, so if I'm supposed to send this to .sm I'll find out soon enough.

I think the only thing that was unclear about my notetaking was you would say notetaker, and then continue on. I never found out the reason why I was supposed to take notes (though I had a guess) but just as that was about to be said, Arthur just yelled GUN. So I still took the notes.

I get a lot of what you were saying about being passive observers, but when I come to the theatre I come prepared to go with the script because it's more fun if you go along with the story being told. If an actor asks for audience participation, I'll participate. If I'm asked a question, I'll answer. If I'm sat on by an actor and he begins to comment on the show, I'll comment back. (This happened once. The actor wasn't really prepared for that though...) So for me it has made sense about white rabbits and red rabbits, bears, circuses, cheetahs and etc, but it's still a separate occasion, a different mindset.

As of five minutes after the show Arthur still looked good, so I'm going to hope that he chose the regular water and/or it wasn't poison. He said the only thing he had been told to do is look up ostriches and the first video that popped up was a man who was dressed as an ostrich being attached by an ostrich.

Have you been out of Iran yet, or are you still trapped? I'm from San Francisco but I'm in London for 8 weeks to study Shakespeare.


With actor Arthur Darvill

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