Thursday, 15 March 2012

EMAIL: Allison Zwozdesky (Calgary)


I am Allison Zwodesky and I am writing you today to say that our class was privileged in being able to perform part of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit. Playwright Ken Cameron is our teacher and he introduced us to your work by having us dive right into it just as it has been written to be performed.

I played the role of the Actor. Nassim your play is remarkable. I can honestly say that I have not felt this urgency, this desperation, this deeply true and real emotion on stage before this opportunity to read your work. I am a 24 year old female growing up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and we performed part of your play on March 9th, 2012. I know that it is the Tuesday post performance and I apologize for writing to you so late after but I am very stuck on how to explain the impact and magnitude of intellect that I found in your piece. As "this girl" reading your play out loud I was really really taken away with the strength and blatant honesty with your piece. We had a blast playing the circus and everyone was very willing! I am very impressed that you motivated the exchange of money for the sake of performance! Nassim all of us were very quiet after the performance. As the Actor I was extremely moved and near tears through the script that we read. I wish so badly we could have done the entire performance. I am left with so many questions about myself, about geography and freedom, about perspective and contrasts. Your work I must say again is so very strong. I really respect how you have created this show, please know I respect you so very much. Thank you very much for this beautiful art. I hope so deeply that you can travel one day very soon, to see your performance, to see it affecting everyone it touches, to see the world.

I wish you every bit of success!!!

Thank you so much again.

-Allison Zwozdesky

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