Tuesday, 13 March 2012

EMAIL: Philip Thorne and Oystein Brager (Oslo)

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit just wrapped up in Oslo. Here are some final thoughts from Philip and Oystein of Imploding Fictions

Hello Nassim,

The final performance of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit has just finished.

Over the last week more than 250 people have seen your play, been moved, touched, provoked and entertained by it. The feedback we have received has been astounding.

We are also surprised how much we've learnt as directors, by a project that required no direction! Seeing the meeting of this text with six different spaces and performers gave us a master-class about actors, audiences, spontaneity, nerves, liveness and stage presence. It was wonderful to see how the text was transformed by six very different actors; fascinating to witness how different audiences determined the flavour of the show as much as the performers; thrilling how each performance always contained at least one major surprise! And to see how the framing of the show -- how we introduced it, how we shaped the audience entrance and exit, what we said to the performer beforehand -- how even such minor things brought about subtle changes. And how despite all this, certain patterns emerged, and how certain moments always found a similar impact.

Thank you for giving us plenty to discuss, laugh and think about.

We will send you a show report about the last performance soon, but right now we have to drink with the rabbits! All six performers are joining us to celebrate what has been a wonderful performance adventure!

We hope we can collaborate again at some point. And, although your presence here was closely felt over the past week, to see you in person next time.

Philip and Oystein

(Oslo International Theatre / Imploding Fictions)

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