Friday, 9 March 2012

VOICES: Lise Grimnes (Oslo)

Blogger Lise Grimnes has shared her thoughts on White Rabbit, Red Rabbit's Oslo run. Visit her blog for the original post (in Norwegian) or check out the translation below:

Presence within White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

There is a young playwright in Iran. His name is Nassim Soleimanpour. He cannot travel out of his country, but now he does so anyway, and he does it in a fascinating manner. In 2010 he wrote a play, White Rabbit Red Rabbit, and Oslo International Theatre is sharing it with us. Two times this week I have been to see this show, and if you are at all interested in plays, performance or literature be sure to see the last show on Saturday. What happens is this: an actor walks onto stage where he finds an envelope. The actor does not know its contents before s/he opens it and starts to read. And it is Nassim Soleimanpour who is talking to us. It's powerful to experience such an intimate presence in a room, and that from someone who is not there. It truly becomes a dialogue between three parties; audience, playwright and actor. The latter becomes a kind of vessel for the playwright. Often the borders blur, and it is almost as if playwright and actor melt into one. Identity is manipulated right in front of our eyes. We are witness to how Nassim in Iran directly makes the audience in Oslo commit various actions. And it is him doing it, and not the text... well, at least that is how I perceived it. The show touches on many themes, but it is a very humane project - with a great intimacy between everyone present. And at the end you get something to think about... so much so that I for my part had to see it once more. And I still want to see it again. The last chance is Saturday at 19.00, that's tomorrow, at Det Andre Teatret in Oslo, where Mats Eld√łen will open the envelope and be thrown into things he cannot yet foresee. Pretty heavy things too. But so good. And very funny. Have a great experience!

Det Andre Teatret:
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Lise Grimnes, KNIRK

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