Tuesday, 26 June 2012

VOICES: Nigel Campbell (London)

Dear Nassim

I have just seen (and participated in) White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, here in London as part of the London International Festival of Theatre. I was number 9, The Bear, which is very apt, as I have a beard and gay men (as I am) with beards are called Bears here in the UK!

You will be very gratified to know that the play was performed superbly by award winning actress Juliet Stephenson, who interpreted your words with grace, poise, feeling and humour. It was a privilege to witness such a fantastic and innovative piece of writing being performed with such expertise. We have left Juliet on the stage, but hope she will be joining us for a drink shortly, as long as the poison wasn't real. Fingers crosed.

Thank you very much. And good luck.

Juliet Stephenson

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