Tuesday, 26 June 2012

VOICES: Tristan Bernays (London)

Dear Nassim,

I hope that this finds you well - my name is Tristan, I am a 27 year old writer from London and I have just returned from seeing your play White Rabbit, Red Rabbit at the Gate Theatre, London. I was asked to be note-taker for the show (technically, I volunteered, as I'll take any old excuse to put pen to paper) and, seeing as you asked me to keep notes, I thought it only right that I should share them with you.

First, I loved your show. Or should I say our show? for though you captured the first spark of inspiration and moulded the script into its final shape, all the people involved - Janet Suzman the actor who performed your script, the audience members who pretended to be rabbits and bears and cheetahs and ostriches, myself who took notes, the others who timed on their watches and took photos on their iPhones - all of us worked together to make that story. We were all responsible.

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit seems to be just about that: responsibility. Not only on a political level but on a personal level. I felt like you were asking me to take charge and get involved. It was, like the best theatre, empowering and inspiring. So thank you for that.

I hope you are proud of your work and how it has allowed you to travel. I have always wanted to visit Iran. Last year, my ex-girlfriend and I planned to travel the Middle East - Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iran - but with the Arab Spring it made it a tricky prospect so that plan had to be set aside (I say ex-girlfriend but don't worry - the Arab Spring my have ruined our travel plans but it was not responsible for us breaking up). One day I hope that I shall visit Iran, and I shall be able to meet you in person, to shake your hand and talk with you about this and that. But even more, I hope that you, like your work, shall be able to travel - to visit London perhaps (there are so many places to choose from) - and there we shall get to meet.

In the meantime, thank you for your wonderful words and good luck with those still to come.

Until we meet,

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