Thursday, 21 June 2012

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit in The Guardian

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit: the play that asks you to leave your phone on
Safraz Manzoor
The Guardian | June 21, 2012

The Guardian ran a profile of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit for its performances at Lift this month. Here are some thoughts from the performers:

"It takes you by surprise because it is so funny and silly at the start," said [Tom] Basden, "and then things start to develop which are quite surprising and dramatically interesting: at the heart of it is the idea of someone trying to speak through someone else and the question of what censorship means."

Juliet Stevenson: "It is unlike anything I have ever done before but I like jumping out of the comfort zone - it is good to do something that is a bit scary...Plus I have the perfect excuse if it doesn't go well...because I can say that I am under-rehearsed."

"Having the actor not see the script beforehand gives you a profound sense of the writer's voice in the room," explained [Chris] Haydon [Gate artistic director]. "The spontaneity of an actor reading a script for the first time and discovering it with the audience gives complete authority and power to the writer's voice, and the way that voices control people is an intrinsic theme in the play."

Read the full article here.

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