Monday, 7 May 2012

VOICES: Clare Cathcart (Brighton)

The following message was sent to Nassim by actress Clare Cathcart after her performance of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit at the Nightingale Theatre in Brighton.

Hi Nassim,
I hope this finds you well and happy.

My name is Clare Cathcart. I'm an actress and have just performed White Rabbit, Red Rabbit at the Nightingale Theatre in Brighton. I loved it. I don't think my ostrich impersonation was very good!

My absolute gut reaction was to not drink either glass, which is of course the choice I would have made in life. But I drank both of them and as I drank the "doctored" one there was a gasp from the (too small) audience. And as I lay on the floor, I did wonder. I felt my arms get heavy and wondered if I would fall into an anaesthetic induced type sleep. The power of suggestion?!

Thank you for your words. It's gathering pace here. I'll probably try and see it at the Gate in London. And I know the woman who has booked it for Latitude Festival...she was there tonight and read the last two pages. It was easy to read as it flows from the page. It was a strange exercise. As an actor we are used to assuming a definite character...I found an almost Brechtian distance from myself as I read it.

Thank you for it. And I am so pleased for you that it will reach more and more people in England.

I hope all is well with you. I've never been to Iran and have never consciously thought about it...but who knows! I am Irish and your world is very different to anything I have experienced. But, your themes are universal...

Take care


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