Wednesday, 9 May 2012

VOICES: Jonathan Hickey (Brighton)

The following email was sent to Nassim by Jonathan Hickey after seeing White Rabbit, Red Rabbit in Brighton: 

Dear Nassim,

I have just got home from watching, and somewhat to my surprise, participating in your play at the Nightingale Theatre, Brighton and Hove City in the United Kingdom.

I want to first of all tell you how sorry I am that you do not have a Passport. I find myself resenting the fact that you cannot visit those places that your work can.

Secondly - congratulations on a brilliant piece of theatre - I very much enjoyed it.

And thirdly having just looked you up on facebook - congratulations on your recent marriage.

Despite being your Bear, I was also your New Red Rabbit as none of the other rabbits in the audiance wanted to read the last few pages of your suicide guide and I was obliged to volunteer - lest poor Alister (Your actor and my friend) be left sitting on the stage.

Best regards

Number 9/Bear/New Red Rabbit


Jonathan Hickey
Born: 16th November 1972 thats 9th Shawwal 1392 in Persian years
I am English and if I'm honest - quite pleased about that!

Thank you again

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