Monday, 14 May 2012

VOICES: A Note From a Note-Taker (San Francisco)

Sent to Nassim by Gifford from San Francisco:

Hello Nasim,

My name is Gifford. I was the note-taker at your play which I just saw in San Francisco a few minutes ago.

First, thank you for a fascinating, entertaining, and morally/existentially challenging play!

Our actor did not drink either of the glasses. The audience loudly discouraged him from drinking either. I myself shouted "No!" just as he brought one glass to his lips. One audience member shouted out to have the ostrich drink it, so he dipped his fingers (ostrich beak) into one glass and pretended to keel over.

Your play shifted me from observer to participant in an act of social responsibility. It kept reminding me of the Stanley Milgram psychology experiment of 1961 where a white-coated "Doctor" with a clipboard pressed the volunteer test subject to increase the voltage in "shocking" someone (actually an actor) in the next room. How far would the volunteer go, on mere orders from an authority figure?

You've brought (at least for a brief moment) to America, the experience all of you in Iran must experience all the time of how you choose and what you choose to do.

Thank you,

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