Monday, 14 May 2012

VOICES: Leonard Pitt (San Francisco)

Sent to Nassim by Leonard Pitt after a performance at the San Francisco International Arts Festival:

Hello Nassim,

I am sending you these two fotos from a performance of your show.

The woman on the left Patty Silver is doing the show. She is a friend of mine and is a fine actress and is currently in a company called Word For Word.

Of particular interest are two of the people in the line-up.

On the far left is Joan Holden, one of the founders of the San Francisco Mime Troupe. The troupe is a political theatre company that has been around for an amazing 50 years. Joan was their main writer for years until she retired a few years ago. You can find them on the web I'm sure. They do free outdoor performances and take donations from the audience. The guy on the far right has been an actor in the troupe for many years and is particularly well known for his portraying of Dick Cheney. People love to hate him.

Everyone has a good time that night.

Leonard Pitt

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