Tuesday, 30 August 2011

EMAIL: Bobbin Ramsey (Edinburgh)

The following email was sent to Nassim Soleimanpour by Bobbin Ramsey after seeing the show in Edinburgh.

Hello Nassim,

Earlier today I saw a reading of your play, White Rabbit, Red Rabbit as part of the Edinburgh Fringe festival. I am an American student from Seattle, Washington and I have been studying theater here for the past month and seen over 30 shows. I have seen every type of show, some I absolutely loved and others that were a struggle, but when it came to White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, it affected me in a very different way than any of the other performances I have seen. Your presence in the room was so clear the entire time and your voice permeated every layer that is separating us from you. I want to thank you for offering me a completely new theater and life experience. It is truly amazing to me how much people can affect each other overseas and land and everything in between.

My theater company is very interested in doing a reading of this at our University this year and we were hoping to get your permission to perform it. Do you have a process for paying for rights or royalties? We are very eager to share this unique experience with the Seattle community!

And please share more of your writings with the world! I look forward to hearing more of your stories and unique perspective!

Thank you, Nassim, male, 30 years old, Iranian, 168 cm tall with (lots of) black hair, greenish-blue eyes and no passport (I was the note taker!). Today's experience was very meaningful to me.

Bobbin Ramsey

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