Monday, 15 August 2011

EMAIL: Matt White (Toronto)

Necessary Angel Associate Producer Matt White saw the opening performance of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit at SummerWorks on August 5. Here are the thoughts he shared with Nassim and the team:

Hey everyone,

We had a great first show last night!  After reading it a few times it was amazing to see it with an audience.  When the five "rabbits" got up to act out the uncle's experiment the gentleman who climbed the ladder actually tried to do so as an actual rabbit.  That's what I call a dedicated audience member :) 

Truly fantastic moment with the water.  When the "white rabbit" audience member asked if anyone had anything to say before Tara was to drink one of the glasses of water another audience member jumped up took the glasses from her and dumped them out on stage.  It was wonderful.  And yet, of course I'm sitting there going, how do we finish the play?  But Tara pointed out there was still a little more water at the bottom of the glass and continued on to drink it before lying down. 

I think what contributed to making it such a wonderful moment for me personally was the complete shattering of my expectation in the final moments of the piece.  In that moment I felt disoriented by this audience's member's action of "saving" Tara by not passively watching her potentially "kill" herself.

Thank you, Nassim, for writing this play.  It's honesty is disarming.  And the experience of watching it is something wholly exciting and reinvigorating.  Ultimately the piece leaves my hopeful for humans.
I am very proud to be a part of this.

I hope you all have a great day!
Talk soon,

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