Monday, 22 August 2011

EMAIL: Rosie Cunningham (Edinburgh)

The following email was sent to Nassim Soleimanpour by Rosie Cunningham after seeing the show in Edinburgh on August 19.

Hi Nassim,

My name is Rosie and I had the good fortune to see your play, White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, on Friday. It was performed at the Edinburgh Festival. I was person number 9 (the bear), but also ended up being the new red rabbit who read the end of the play (and I got to keep the script, of course). I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and the crazy journey we all took together as an audience. The tension towards the closing pages was immense and thoughts of it have stayed with me every day since.

Please find attached the photo I took of the white rabbits from that performance. The actor is holding the script - and in case you're worried, he didn't die in the end. Anyway, I hope you're well and that receiving this email is as entertaining and meaningful as it was for me to see your play. I hope that seeing this photo feels like traveling abroad - the experience for me was like falling down a rabbit hole.

Thank you,

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