Friday, 12 August 2011

EMAIL: Itai Erdal (Edinburgh)

The following email was sent to Nassim Soleimanpour by Itai Erdal after seeing the show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Dear Nassim,

I just saw your play in Edinburgh and I absolutely loved it. I work in theatre (take a look at my web site if you wanna see what I do) and I've seen hundreds of plays in my life and this is one of the bravest and most exciting plays I've ever seen. I wish I could meet you - I feel close to you in a strange way. I am originally from israel and I understand political pressure. I admire your courage, I hope you won't get in trouble for this.

Please write me back and let's stay in touch and maybe one day we can meet. I have been living in Canada for the past 12 years and I have a Canadian passport so maybe I can come to Iran one day. Or even better - maybe one day you'll become a famous playwright and leave Iran and I can light your play.

Thank you for this beautiful play - it's the best thing I've seen in a long long time.

Take care,


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