Wednesday, 10 August 2011

EMAIL: Maria Gray (Edinburgh)

The following email was sent to Nassim Soleimanpour by actor and writer Maria Gray after seeing the show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Dear Nassim

Thank you for bringing such an inspirational, original and thought provoking piece of theatre into the world. I saw your show this morning and have been dying to email you all day. Fantastic...really, I was so moved by your clever work. I ended up playing your Rabbit in the beginning and later reading the final parts of the play. My friend Itai saw it the other day and recommended it to me...I went with no clue as to what to expect, the beauty of your work is that it can never and will never be the same twice. All of us in the dark, all of us getting only a sliver of the things you feel and go through each day, yet I somehow feel more connected with you than I have any other playwright. 

I myself am an actor and writer and feel truly moved by your work. I would love to be able to meet you and congratulate you on your work in person, perhaps one day I will be able to that. 

I have seen many things at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival already but yours has moved me the most. I would really like to write about the the other shows I have seen and perhaps blog you on the other kind of work that is happening here, it is very unfortunate that you can't see your play performed live however I promise you that it will create ripples all over the fringe.

Thank you again and I hope to write to you again soon

Kind regards 

Maria xxx

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