Tuesday, 9 August 2011

EMAIL: Tara Grammy (Toronto)

The following email was sent by Toronto actress Tara Grammy to Nassim Soleimanpour after her performance at SummerWorks on August 5. (translation by Nassim)

… (in Persian)
how cheesy to tell you I'm crying as I write this.
But I am.
I was nervous, OMG what will I wear? How will I perform it?
two of the theatre GODS in Toronto think?
I stepped on that stage and I was nothing.
I was just the vessle for your voice.
What a beautiful thing to be.
It was such a crazy unique night.
I'd love to talk more with you about it but it is 2am
and I am exhausted.
I know this email basically said nothing, but bit by bit
I'll tell you more about my experience. What an honour it was
to be your future.  What an honour as an ACTOR but moreso
what an honour as an Iranian.
I'd love to talk with you more if you'd be willing.

Thank you again,


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